Crowdfunding ConceptCrowdfunding has become a hugely popular way for anyone from bands to non-profit organizations to budding entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects. Websites like indiegogo.com and kickstarter.com boast hundreds of millions of dollars raised in just a few short years, and their popularity is growing. There are some factors that make a difference in how successful a crowdfunding campaign is and having an effective video is an important one of these.

How does crowdfunding work? By allowing individuals or organizations (according to IndieGogo – “anyone with a bank account”) to set up “campaigns” on these websites, with a page outlining the project’s “pitch”, the amount of funds required, and different amounts that people can contribute in exchange for “perks”. Anyone can then view this project online and contribute funds.

However, the downside to crowdfunding is that it is just that – crowded. How well your campaign fares depends on the effort you are able to put into it. A well prepared pitch and appropriate perks are crucial, but adding video to the pitch makes a significant difference. According to IndieGoGo’s blog, pitches that include video raise 114% more funds than pitches without. Videos can help make a campaign come alive, allowing investors to create a more personal connection to the campaign – and it shows in the results. Contributions are on average 12% higher for campaigns with video!

But all videos are not created equal. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when adding video to your crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Keep it short. This cannot be stressed enough. Two minutes at most is all you will have to convince potential investors that your campaign is the one to fund.
  2. Make it professional. If you are trying to convince someone to fund a project, the last thing you want them to think is that you cannot get the job done. The quality of your video will speak a lot to how professional and legitimate you appear to the viewer.
  3. Share your passion. Video can be a great tool for connecting people with your campaign on an emotional level. A dry informational video will not get people excited (that’s what the written part is for) but pictures, music and/or an excited and personable spokesperson can. Added bonus: making the video all about how passionate you are will also help convince viewers that you are seriously committed to the project, and will put your all into making it a reality if and when funds are gathered.
  4. Remember to cover the basics. Who are you, what is your campaign about, what you are doing with the funds, and why should they contribute? And yes, all in under 2 minutes.
  5. Share share share! Now that you have a great video, utilize it! Put together a team and each of you share it with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to ensure that your message spreads. Your video is your ambassador on the web, enticing people to come and learn more about your crowdfunding campaign.

Wondering how your organization can add video to its online campaigns? Contact us to explore the possibilities!

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