LIGHTS, CAMERA, HIRE! 9 Great Job Recruiting Videos


9 Great Job Recruiting Videos

Job recruitment videos aren’t new, but what is changing is the ever-growing amount of time people spend watching video online. YouTube users spend an average of 1-3 hours a day browsing videos and content – and that doesn’t include time viewing video on other sites. Now videos are becoming an increasingly important tool in the human resources arsenal. Larger companies use them because they work: according to internal data released within a CareerBuilder article “Job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video. On average, CareerBuilder customers receive a 34% greater application rate when they add video to their job postings.”

Video can do something a printed job posting can’t: it can be immersive. A cleverly crafted video will show potential employees what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to work at your company. With job seekers able to visualize what it would be like to work at your company, you’ll be weeding out candidates who aren’t a good fit, and meeting the enthusiastic applicants who truly know what they’ll be getting into.

But not all recruitment videos are created equal. They need to start with a clear understanding of your target audience (not just any job seeker, but the specific type of personality and skill set you require) and include the main selling points of your job. A good video needs to capture your company’s atmosphere and culture and what’s special about it. Here are a few inspiring examples from the staid to the quirky that do just that:

  1. Starbucks
    This jaunty video with a fun musical soundtrack highlights the development-focused atmosphere at Starbucks. It’s neatly targeted at university students and recent graduates, looking to jump-start their career and potential retail partners.

  2. Shopify
    “Life at Shopify” takes a quirky approach – viewers get a fun tour that highlights the job perks, like free, catered lunches and a cubicle-free environment. And while it’s hosted by a personable employee, it mostly lets the employees sing the company’s praises, in their own words.

  3. ZenDesk
    “This is Zendesk” humourously shows potential employees everything they’d want to know about a job at this cloud-computing company: from the person who will greet them every day when they walk in to the view from various office windows to introducing the company’s pet fish. The off-kilter tone gives potential candidates an idea of the work environment and sense of levity to expect at this fast growing company.

  4. Deloitte
    “Why is Deloitte the Best Place to Launch a Career?” focuses on why employees, from veterans to the newbys, find Deloitte a fabulous place to work. Citing the extensive travel opportunities, the ongoing learning, and atmosphere of growth and unlimited potential, employees speak so enthusiastically about their careers that you’ll find yourself wanting to apply.

  5. Chartwell Seniors Residences
    The largest retirement residences community in North America put together this fairly conservative, straight forward-video that does a good job of portraying the diversity of people and the wide variety of employment opportunities available at their homes.

  6. Health Match BC
    This video for Health Match BC, a health professional recruitment service, doesn’t have one single shot filmed in a hospital or medical facility. Instead viewers are treated to 4 minutes of spectacular British Columbia scenery and sporty outdoor scenes combined with the testimonies of 3 nurses who’ve made the move to work and live there. This video knows its target audience’s decision-making factors and sells it, targeting the lifestyle perks of heading to Canada’s outdoor playground.

  7. CSIS
    Canadian Security and Intelligences Service (CSIS) uses a “CSI” meet “24” TV style approach for this series of recruiting videos, created to demystify the myriad work opportunities that exist at CSIS. Each video profiles one staffer, identified by first name only, by dramatically re-enacting the work he or she does. It’s a stylish and informative introduction to a career option that’s not on many people’s radar.

  8. Twitter
    A challenge issued during Twitter’s 2012 Hack Week competition resulted in this recruiting video, “The Future is You.” Done in the style of an old-school training video, complete with overly enthusiastic employees, flying titles and a dry cameo by its CEO, it also sneakily weaves in the sense of creativity of working at Twitter. And with over 1 million views, it’s more than achieved its goal of showing what it could be like to go to work at the social media giant.

  9. Microsoft
    Microsoft encourages early PhD graduates and young researchers to consider a job in development with Microsoft. Highlighting the sense of academic freedom and the chance to advance computing for millions of users worldwide, this video is inspiring.

Recruiting video has a proven track record of success. But you don’t have to be a huge company to reap the rewards – video can help your medium, small or even micro-business attract the best talent. Get in touch so we can help you employ video in your next hunt for employees!

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  1. Jordan says:

    Very cool, I liked shopify’s video! I just shared these with my followers. Thanks!


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