MAKING THE GRADE: Creating Award-Winning Video

MAKING THE GRADE: Creating Award-Winning Video

What better way to start off a new school year than by winning top marks for a video you created for an innovative program at Montreal’s Concordia University?

This 3 minute promotional video for Concordia University’s Computation Arts Program just won an Award of Excellence at The Accolade Competition.

Concordia University sees the merits of using video widely in their communication strategy – from student video bloggers to recruiting students. Says Véronique Verthuy, the Brand Coordinator at Concordia University, “I think any school that doesn’t use video more is falling behind. That video will tell the story the way nothing else can about your school.”

You can read some stats on how effective video can be, especially in attracting foreign students. And watch Véronique’s short video on how well video works for her university.

We’re proud to add this award to a list of several we’ve won for our corporate and promotional videos, as well as for our broadcast television work.

And what is The Accolade Competition? It’s an international event that recognizes film, television and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity. Entries are received from around the world, and judged by professionals in the film and TV industry. You can find more info about the Accolade and view a list of recent winners at

Thinking about having our award-winning team work on your new project? Contact us to discuss your video needs.

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