DON’T CHEAP OUT! 7 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Video Crew

KIP Con U Solar Simulator shoot Sept 27 2011 003With most everyone having access to a cell phone that shoots video, are there any reasons left to hire a professional video crew to record an event or promotion? The answer is a resounding yes – and the reasons may surprise you. Continue reading

MUSIC TO YOUR EARS: Getting (Almost Free) Music For Your Promotional Videos

Music to Your EarsThe style, tempo and mood of music in your video will immediately impact how viewers react to your video’s message – for better or for worse. How can you find affordable and great-sounding music for your video? An online music library can hit the right notes! Continue reading

SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE: What to Expect When You Contract a Video Production Company

Contracting a Production CompanyThinking about hiring a video production company? What should you expect to see in a contract with your chosen video supplier? What’s standard and what should raise alarm bells? Here is a quick guide to what should be in the contract- and what shouldn’t. Continue Reading

HOW TO BUDGET YOUR VIDEO? Calculating how much a video will cost

iStock_000015889548XSmallIs there a simple rule to quickly calculate how much a promotional video will cost? The rate $1,000/minute often gets tossed around, but is that accurate? Should a 5 minute video really cost $5,000? Read on for the realities of video budgeting!

THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT: What is the Best Video Length?

mixerThere are many important reasons to keep your online videos short and sweet. But sometimes you need a longer video for specific audiences. The solution : repurpose a longer video into short, shareable online videos! Continue reading


Donations JarCrowdfunding has become a hugely popular way for everyone from bands to non-profit organizations to entrepreneurial start-ups to raise funds for their projects. Websites like and boast hundreds of millions of dollars raised in just a few short years, and their popularity is growing. But the success of a crowdfunding campaign depends on how well you appeal to your target audience- – and using video should be an important part of that connection.
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The first question that everyone who’s considering getting a video done is “How much will it cost?”

How that gets answered depends on the bells, whistles and overall specs your video needs. Here’s a quick run-down of some factors that will shape your video’s budget.

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We’ve met non-profits who calculate they have the means to make one video about their organization. So they plan to cram every message about every program they have into this one overstuffed video. But by trying to reach everyone, they actually truly connect well with no one.

Maybe you’ve watched videos like this created by non-profits –if you stuck it out to watch the whole thing. According to Comcast, over half of all the videos online get clicked away from by the 2 minute mark.

So how do you ensure your organization’s video gets seen and brings the results you intended?

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