Our Prediction for 2014 – Your Site Needs More Videos

blog post mobile phone 1We’re nearly ready to launch our freshly redone website. Aside from making it look even better, we had two things top of mind: making the entire site mobile-friendly and making sure there are plenty of videos, throughout. Continue reading

TAKING STOCK: Should You Use Stock Footage In Your Promotional Video?

iStock_000000812671SmallYou’ve hired a video production company to create a video for your business. They’ll be capturing your products, your people, and your facilities on camera. So would you also consider incorporating ‘stock footage’ as part of the mix?

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow when working with stock footage…


Business seminar.Whether it’s a day-long meeting or a multi-day event, video can play a key role before, during and after the proceedings. From welcoming the crowd, to inspiring the reluctant, to happy reminiscing at event’s end, to bringing them back next year: see how video can make a difference at your event! Continue reading


Split Screen Animation Live Action October 2013Animation, live-action or some mix of the two- which would work best in a marketing video for your organization or company? Which works best at driving additional sales or engaging visitors on your site? And which would work best for your budget? We’ve created a comparison chart to sort out the strengths of each to get you on your way. Continue Reading

DON’T CHEAP OUT! 7 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Video Crew

KIP Con U Solar Simulator shoot Sept 27 2011 003With most everyone having access to a cell phone that shoots video, are there any reasons left to hire a professional video crew to record an event or promotion? The answer is a resounding yes – and the reasons may surprise you. Continue reading


Choices of a businessmanVideo is a fabulous online marketing, promotions and educational tool for a website. But just like any tool, it can’t handle every single job. Read on to find out when using video is a great idea – and when a website should definitely avoid it!

MAKING THE GRADE: Creating Award-Winning Video

Television Awards AEIt’s back to school time, and we just got a big A+ for a short video we created for Concordia University at the Accolade Competition! Continue Reading

MUSIC TO YOUR EARS: Getting (Almost Free) Music For Your Promotional Videos

Music to Your EarsThe style, tempo and mood of music in your video will immediately impact how viewers react to your video’s message – for better or for worse. How can you find affordable and great-sounding music for your video? An online music library can hit the right notes! Continue reading

SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE: What to Expect When You Contract a Video Production Company

Contracting a Production CompanyThinking about hiring a video production company? What should you expect to see in a contract with your chosen video supplier? What’s standard and what should raise alarm bells? Here is a quick guide to what should be in the contract- and what shouldn’t. Continue Reading

LIGHTS, CAMERA, HIRE! 9 Great Job Recruiting Videos

Shopify ImageAccording to a CareerBuilder article, “CareerBuilder customers receive a 34% greater application rate when they add video to their job postings.” Video can show potential employees what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to work at your company. So what does a great recruiting video look like? Here are nine inspiring examples. Continue Reading…