Our Prediction for 2014 – Your Site Needs More Videos

blog post mobile phone 1We’re nearly ready to launch our freshly redone website. Aside from making it look even better, we had two things top of mind: making the entire site mobile-friendly and making sure there are plenty of videos, throughout. Continue reading


Choices of a businessmanVideo is a fabulous online marketing, promotions and educational tool for a website. But just like any tool, it can’t handle every single job. Read on to find out when using video is a great idea – and when a website should definitely avoid it!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, HIRE! 9 Great Job Recruiting Videos

Shopify ImageAccording to a CareerBuilder article, “CareerBuilder customers receive a 34% greater application rate when they add video to their job postings.” Video can show potential employees what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to work at your company. So what does a great recruiting video look like? Here are nine inspiring examples. Continue Reading…

MYTH BUSTING! Five Myths and Misconceptions about Making a Corporate Video

HiResWhile you may be the expert in your field, there are probably things you don’t yet know about getting a video made.

This piece will help up clear away some of the misinformation and myths clients have when starting a corporate video project. Continue Reading

THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT: What is the Best Video Length?

mixerThere are many important reasons to keep your online videos short and sweet. But sometimes you need a longer video for specific audiences. The solution : repurpose a longer video into short, shareable online videos! Continue reading

CUSTOMER SERVICE VIDEOS: Answer FAQs and Help Your Clients Use Your Products With Online Video

Product VideoClients appreciate great customer service in person. And they also expect it online. See how you can use online videos to answer FAQs, show clients how to install products and demonstrate products in action. Learn how to make your clients’ online experience as good as their live one! Continue Reading


multilingual conceptYour business may already be translating promotional and sales texts, but “versioning” a video into different languages is a different animal. Find out how to take advantage of international business opportunities, remain culturally sensitive and keep your costs in check with multiple language versions of your audio-visual material. Continue reading

SOUND ADVICE: How great sound design will help sell your products and services

sound manQuality sound recording and powerful sound design aren’t just for feature films and television series. Evocative sound in a promotional or product video will help sell your product or service. A great sounding video can make your images look better and align people towards your product. Continue reading…

HOW TO ENSURE YOUR VIDEO’S LONGEVITY: Future proofing your investment

Canola RoadEverything has an expiration date- from sunglass styles to the latest phone. The same applies to your video production. But you can protect your investment by ensuring your video’s shelf life is as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to extend, repurpose and multi-use your video into working harder and longer for your business’s needs! Continue reading…

NOT JUST FOR THE ACADEMY AWARDS: Why professional scriptwriting is essential to your corporate video

iStock_000001753079XSmallIt’s soon Academy Awards time and everyone wants to see which actors, directors and producers will to take the Oscar statue home. But behind every great movie- be it drama, comedy, documentary or corporate video- is the unsung hero of the scriptwriter. Take a look at why skilled scripting and storytelling is essential to creating corporate and promotional videos that work. Continue reading…